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Herbal Chinese Medicine

Herbal medicine is considered to be the backbone of traditional Chinese medicine. Similar to a Western Medicine prescription, a practitioner will prescribe certain herbs for the patient in order to assist in the restoration of your body’s balance; where that would be a deficiency, excess or disharmony. However the difference is that the formula of herbs are tweaked and tailored to your specific condition in order to get the best results possible.

These prescriptions formulae traces back thousands of years ago to the Ancient Chinese practitioners. Over the millenia, constant tweaks, further research and refinement of these formulae have resulted in the effective treatment we use right in our clinic.

Traditionally, it involves boiling raw herbs for a couple hours, resulting in a concentrated decoction of herbs. The decoction is then divided for dosage and taken orally as a drink. Our clinic offers a different and more modern approach, where instead of raw herbs, we use granules that offer the same effectiveness with more efficiency and a fraction of the time. All is required is to mix a few spoonfuls of the herbal granules with hot water and drink. Every patient’s condition is unique and so the herbal formula is an individualised combination which suits their exact needs.

The benefit of tailored herbs is that depending on your condition, we are able to change the dosages of each herb to best suit your needs. As you continue to receive your treatments from us, we are able to change the formula as you body changes to a more balanced state, giving us a greater control of your condition.

Our clinic has over 50 different herbs, which are supplied in their granular form. The herbs are under strict supervision of the GMP and are Australian-certified Therapeutic Goods Administration for peace of mind and complete safety. Each practitioner are also registered in the prescription and dispensing of Chinese Medicine herbs to ensure that you are getting the right herb arrangement as well as staying safe for the duration of your time with us.

Don't like the taste of herbal medicine?

The herbal tea taste is often repelling at first, especially to anyone who hasn’t tried any sort of herbal medicine before. So thankfully we have other options in order for you to take your herbal medicine without the taste. Capsules and tablets are also available in order to better suit your lifestyle.

Can Chinese herbs be used with conventional medicine?

They are mostly safe to take alongside each other with the advice of your doctor and Chinese Medicine practitioner. It is highly recommended however to take your herbal medicine and Western Medicine two hours apart in order to avoid any sort of interaction. Please talk to your GP and Chinese Medicine Practitioner for more information.