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Chinese therapeutic massage (Tuina)

Chinese Therapeutic Massage or Tui Na is traditional form of massage that targets to loosen the muscles and stimulate movement of qi within the meridians to relieve pain and tightness through the manual manipulation of the muscles. Tui Na is often applied alongside another modality, like cupping or acupuncture, but can be applied alone.

The practitioner applies a series of specific manual techniques and making use of the multiple different body parts as massage tools. Depending on the condition, different locations of massage as well as different Tui Na techniques are applied. Tui Na is often recognized for its effectiveness in alleviating conditions within the muscle soft tissue and joint structures. It can also help resolve tightness which can often be the cause of migraines, headache, stress or insomnia. Tui Na can be applied in resolving sport injury or muscle/joint related trauma or overuse.

Before treatment, the practitioner will consult with you, then afterwards will give you a treatment based on your presented case. We are aware that everyone is different, therefore each approach and treatment will be different from person to person.

What's the difference between Tui Na and regular massage?

In method, massage therapy and Tui Na are very similar. However the approaches of treatment are different. Massage’s approach is to completely relax the patient and will use soft, stroking patterns to achieve relaxation. Tui Na is a form of treatment, therefore the approach is to loosen muscles and treat joints and knots. Relaxation is still a priority, except muscular relief is much more the concern.

How effective is Tui Na?

Very. The techniques used date back to ancient practitioners from medical handbooks in China. There is more than enough evidence to suggest that these old techniques are very effective.